vineri, 6 ianuarie 2012

I still have not received my package with deniplant

Hello Gheorghe,

I still have not received my package with deniplant . I do not know how long it should take for it to get to me.
I logged into the URL you gave me and I have difficulties understandind how to track my package.
Can You help me please? I would really apprecite that.

Thank you for my birthday wishes. You are so kind.
Have a great day. :) :) :) :)


if the packet trace to this address:
see that he went from romania on 21/12/11
Report summary:
Number sent RN958248881RO
Name service letter ext
Post Office mail forwarding subunit Pipera (Volunteers)
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA destination country.
Date of dispatch of 19/12/2011
Current status of Romania Sent

if you follow the package in the mail from America to this address
select USA (USPS)
will tell you that the aunjs in America and will notify you to pick it up
Post / EMS tracking for: RN958248881RO
Origin: Romania
Label Your Number
Status of Your Item
Date & Time
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

Registered Mail ™
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
We have received notice that the post is Preparing to Originating dispatch this mail piece.

I will follow you instructions.

Thank You



I just received my tea today 09.12.12. I am so excited.

Thank you very much and have a great day-:)



After reading the prospectus if you have questions call me

Gheorghe Giurgiu


OK. I will do that.

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