duminică, 15 ianuarie 2012

my daughter have psoriasis

Good afternoon Mister Giurgiu,

I purchased DENIPLANT from You for my daughter a few weeks ago.
She takes the tea for 4 weeks, up to now we don't see any difference, except that the skin is itching - but we think it is too short for a result. Nevertheless there is an enormous changing in her attitude. She was quite nervous and kind of depressive, but since the first day she drank the tea, she got calm and changed allover. She is not agressive anymore, laughs again, and, and.... It is like a miracle!

Fir myself I wanted to purchase antistress-tea, but I can't find the price on the internet. Could You please send me the details so that I can make a payment.

Thanks a lot, our life has become better.


if the lesions have thined and the peels fall easier means that the body has responded positive to Deniplant
At this moment we don't have the necessary plants for the
Against stress Tea but i can tell you that the Deniplant tea can also help you fight stress conditions.
gheorghe giurgiu

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