luni, 23 ianuarie 2012

does not respond to the treatement with deniplant

hello Mr. Giurgiu i was wonderiing when do u see a change in your skin; i've been taking it for close to about 3 months and lesions still remain bright red (inflammed); when i make the tea and let it sit over night is it okay to reheat it again to almost boiling point before drinking it. thankyou your comments will be greatly appreciated.

generally in the first month or second patients see whether their body reacts to the treatment or not. the first signs of answer are a loosing of the thickness of the lessions and they should also fall.. like dandruff.
The tea should not be reheated a second time. if you want to drink it hot you could drink it imediatelly after you prepare it.
If after these 3 months you did not see any of the signs above it means the body does not respond to the treatement with deniplant.
sincerely, Giurgiu

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