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Hello i would like to know the cost of treatmet of deniplant

Hello i would like to know the cost of treatmet of deniplant  for one month and how can i order it.
Is it possible to sent it to the folowwing address or i must sent a person to take it from your door?thanks

p.... p...........
zip code 52100 

Yes, we can send plants in Greece
We send money via Western Union and when we receive will dispatch the plants, package and method of preparation and administration

Address where to send money is:
County  :ROMANIA

After you send money, send us an email with the following information:
Name and surname of the person who sent the money
amount sent
what country
code raising money
address where we send plants

Plants for 30 days costs 35 euro 15 euro postage

Gheorghe Giurgiu
 Ok Μr Giurgiu thank you for your reply..
as i understand  i have to  send you 50 euro with western union for dispatching the plants. 
Is that corect? one month treatment 35 euros and postage to greece 15 euros ?
 Yes 50 euro for 30 days
 Hello Mr Giurgiu i just send you the amount of 50 euros as you told me.
P.... P..........
amount 50 euro
from Greece
Money Transfer control number  : 2210324024
and my address is :


Deniplant tea package today left us by Romanian post
poi track where he arrived
at http://www.track-trace.com/post

Raport sumar:
  Numarul trimiterii RN938789914RO
  Denumire serviciu Scrisoare recomandata ext
  Subunitate postala de expediere Oficiul Postal Pipera (Voluntari)
  Tara destinatie GRECIA
  Data expedierii 16.04.2013
  Stare actuala In prelucrare
 - Oficiul Postal Pipera (Voluntari)

below send you how to prepare tea Deniplant
In a litre of water you put a little bag of plants.You add a lemmon(100-150gr) with its peel,cut  in slices.You boil it until there are only 750 ml.(Time of boiling is 15-20 minutes after boiling to seethe.)After cooling you move away  the lemmon and you put sugar as you want or honey(preferring honey).If it is used sugar to sweeten,you will put it at the same time with the plants,so that the sugar can pass  too through the boiling process.
  All the cantity of 750 ml will be drunk during the day,many times a day. 
 Everyday you will repeat the same method.
 In the same day you will eat the boiled lemmon,with its peel,sweeten as you wish.
 After using,the bag with plants can be put on the wound,as a dressing for 6-12 hours. 
 If you decided to use the plants,it is good to have in consideration,the following: 
-without diet or other restrictions..If you were on a diet ,you should give up following it,as long as you drink the tea. 
-without ointment or other medicament of external use.It is good to give up using the previous ointments.If you don’t resist without them and this is possible,you will use at the beginning cosmetic cream.It should not contain medicaments.It is necessary to break the body of this ointments.The faster,the better. 
If the cosmetic cream isn’t enough,in the places where it is absolutely necessary(it hurts) you can put some of the ointment you’ve been using so far,but rarely and at the same time with the simple cream.This aspect is very important,because if you use it at the same time with the ointment,your skin will recover at the surface quicker that intern aspectsand you will be foolen. 
- Don’t scratch and dont’ tear up the peels formed. They will fall step by step. Every time you intervien on them, you extend the healing process and ther is a tendency that the injured surface enlarge. 
You can shower daily but don’t scrub the skin after drying to make the peels go away
 dear Mr Giurgiu I just today recieved your plants for 30 days.
I have to make you a few questions before i start ..Is it ok to preparate the tea from the evening ?I had a few years ago a cancer problem and i made chimiotherapy...is thata a problem?and finally i must quit drinking ?
The tea is brewed evening and drink the next day.
Tea is drunk throughout the day.
No matter what treatments you have done previously.
Tea helps the immune system
You can drink and alcohol but in moderation
 hello Mr  Giurgiu    I am using 20  days the deniplant and believe that I have good results from your tea. I want to continue the treatment   but i am afraid of something. One friend of mine( policeman) saw  the tea and told me that inside might be cannabis.because here in greece is very dangerous and forbidden i want to know only  if the tea contains cannabis..only this please.i do not want to have problems with the police ..thank you .
Tea contains herbs Deniplant common. NO cannabis.
You can do his analysis and see that he has forbidden plant
He has a marketing opinion from the Ministry of Health
On site www.deniplant.ro find this opinion
Deniplant is a registered trademark in Romania and the EU
We send this tea inn across Europe in the U.S. or Canada
 thank you mr Giurgiu.finally because I did not understand.is there any  cannabis inside? because you say  to the reply "he has forbidden plant". i  only want to know if any cannabis inside thak you and sorry fo my questions.
 You have the wrong targets
Deniplant cannabis composition has not
No prohibited plants
contains common plant
Έχετε το λάθος στόχους
Deniplant σύνθεση η κάνναβη δεν έχει
Δεν απαγορεύονται τα φυτά
περιλαμβάνει κοινή μονάδα

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