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I am contacting you from the United States about my Psoriasis issue


I am contacting you from the United States about my Psoriasis issue, I believe you have already been contacted by B.... P.... in Romania and she has already paid for your product, I have attached pictures of my hands and feet so you can see what I'm dealing with. I have been struggling with this for the last 2 years and all the doctors I have been to said it was eczema. the problem starts as little pustules or blisters and then turns into a dry irritating rash with more small blisters, the doctors gave me creams, pills and sent me on my way however, none of there creams or pills seem to do much to help my symptoms. right now my feet aren't as bad as they have been in the past but my hands have gotten worse over the last 6 months. I hope your product works as I have tried everything and am willing to continue to try anything to solve this irritating issue, I hope to hear back from you soon.


Columbia, Connecticut 06237

Hello. I received it from Mrs. P.....today left us with tea package Deniplant for psoriasis. package is an envelope .He has no RN881841243RO recommended and can be watched on the site traker.In Romanian post https://www.17track.net/ro

I put the package leaflet and how to prepare and administer. After reading this leaflet, if you have any questions you'll answer.
Gheorghe Giurgiu

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