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Natural products Deniplant

Natural products Deniplant As a powder obtained by plants and forest fruits Indicated in: PSORIASIS, LUPUS ERITEMATOS, ZONA ZOSTER, DERMATITE, IHTIOZE Imuniplant Reglates the celullar metabolism Poweres the imunitary sistem Indicated in : Drug allergies or alimentary allergies Fructimet It is a general basic formula In function of the afection that is followed to be healed this formula is completed with plants specific to those sickneses In organic afections like: (hepatite, ulcer gastric, gastrite-acide bronsite, astm bronsic, guturai, dischinezii biliare alergii medicamentoase sau alimentare). Plants for Balneological Baths The plants for baths with the substances that are contained, have a direct action at the level of the teguments, with antiseptical efects, against inflamation cicatrices. Indicated in: States of disease, Asteny, Anemia. Nervous tulburations, Circulatorial tulburations, Metabolic tulburations Insomnia , anxiety, Adjuvant in metabolic diseases , in intern diseases, in gutted, rheumatism or glandular tulburations. Regenerator of hair Therapeutic proprieties -Bases the roots of the hair stopping the fall. -Activates the blood’s circulation in that area - Regenerates and tonificates hair. -Distroies seborrhea Tea antistress Indicated in: Depresive states caused by stress, Dereglations at the internal organs based on stress, Recomanded to all the persons that develop activity in stressing suroundings Tea After Surgery - Facilitates the fast healing in the post-surgery proces and complicated infections. - Facilitates fast cicatrisation of the epithelial tissue - Permits a fast recovering of the normal eating, without special problems. - Stimulates the digestive function, helpes the reglation of the intestinal transit, in the normal elimination of the fecal materials, avoiding constipation, that can produce complications. Tea against seboreic dermatite and head peelings Powers the roots of the hair by stoping it's falling Activates blood circulation in the areea Contributes at the regeneration and tonification of the hair Fights against seboreea and peeling

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