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I have been sick of psoriasis for 15 years,

I have been sick of psoriasis for 15 years, while I treated with all the ointments that exist on the market, The sickness disappeared for a while but reappeared as fast as it left. I heard about this treatment in "Magazinul" from 1994 As I read the articles I discovered I had passed through the same moments as Mr. Giurgiu, I contact him, and he send me the plants by post.
After the first 2 months of treatment the lesions showed an amelioration, and the peels started falling easier, all these without ointments.
After 6 months of treatment I didn't have any peels on my head.. I had some points on my knees, back and anckles.Everything was going all right, until I had some family problems and I divorced, and there reappear some points on the beille. But after 2 more months of treatment they disappeared completely.
As I had the possibility of going at the Dead Sea in Israel, I heard about the treatments with mud and fishes that clean your peels, I tried 2 weeks of that treatment. But when I came back in the country they reappeared. I continued the treatment with the tea and after 6 months I got rid of this sickness, and I didn't need any other treatments.
In September- October 2003 when there were those magnetic storms I had some problems with my heart and it appeared a point on my nape but I drank 3 months the tea and I healed. I heard that were patients that had the same evolutions, so I don't worry anymore as long as this treatment exists.

George D. 40 years Ploiesti - engineer

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