joi, 5 iunie 2014

I had to suffer of this disease psoriasis

I started treating with plants at Mr. Giurgiu and after all those years when I had to suffer of this disease psoriasis I had lesions on 80% of the surface of the body. At first I didn't think I would ever heal of this disease, everyone was telling me that it is unhealable, and I will die with it, but now I found out this isn't true.
From 2003 when I started drinking The Deniplant tea I gave up to all those treatments with ointments and at the diet that I had followed for years.Since then I feel very good , the lesions disappeared about 98%. Now I have a few reddish points on my back and some white on my belie , but I hope that in a few months these will disappear and I will get rid of this sickness for ever.

 Ilie R. - 60 an, Buftea 2004

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