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Skin health (psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, hydradenitis)

"Let the food be your medicine and the food medicine" Hippocrates

1. We want to expand the range of your brand products by introducing us products for:

- Skin health (psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, hydradenitis)

- Nervous system health: 1. Recovery after vascular accidents cerebral (stroke)

2. Recovery after neurological and neuromuscular diseases.

2. We want to create functional foods that will improve hope of healthy people's lives.

3. Molecular biological analysis, understanding pathogenesis and the relationship between intestinal microbiome and human health, allow the development of a new concept of beneficial food people's health.

4. Develop new combinations of food ingredients that can provide new food functions.

5. Implement the concept of "Eat and heal yourself "through a platform IT that includes Nutrition, Health and Sports.


All this can be done together with the remedies natural Deniplant® that is primarily targeted at diseases autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders, which allopathic medicine did not have found a satisfactory resolution for patients.

Our products:


Deniplant tea for adult psoriasis

Deniplant Kids tea for children psoriasis

Alergiplant Tea - for skin allergies 

Antidermatite Tea for Dermatitis

Polenoderm - for acne and hidradenitis suppurativa. http://www.deniplant.ro/remedii_polenoderm_en.htm

Neuropolen for nervous system health

1. Recovery after vascular accidents cerebral (stroke)

2. Recovery after neurological and neuromuscular diseases.


Deniplant Tea - for psoriasis

Deniplant Kids Tea - for psoriasis kids

Antidermatite Tea - for dermatitis,

In the third millennium for the maintenance and healing of the skin is it is necessary to remove dermatological paradigms that study the skin as a separate organ that should be treated and healed only by dermatologists.

As a skin care company, we help our clients learn how to prevent skin diseases, how to protect and treat skin with Natural Remedies, without ointments or other medicines,


Alergiplant Tea - for skin allergies 

Plants can act on the immune system and thus implicitly on allergies

Allergy is a modified reactivity state with dermatosis sensitivity to eating foods that the body does not or after touching certain substances to which it is sensitive. 

Of it can also cause sensitization at very high temperatures or low, to hair dyes or brighteners, to certain microbes, fabric fibers etc

-Strengthens the immune system by increasing natural defense responses

-Regulates cell metabolism


Drug allergies

Food Allergies 

Skin Allergies

Dust allergies



I'm not; plants are not toxic. 

Side effects: They did not show up for a long time.

Duration of treatment:

In relation to the evolution of the disease

Terms of validity

2 years; is kept in darkness and constant temperature 


Herbs and berries under the form of powder packed in sachets; 100% natural

Administered: Exclusively for use internal. 750 ml of tea that is drunk daily.

Allopathic medication established by the treating physician and used until the start of tea treatment will be gradually discontinued which affection also improves due to laboratory results.


Polenoderm - for acne and hidradenitis suppurativa. (http://www.deniplant.ro/remedii_polenoderm_en.htm )

Polennoderm for acne and hyradenitis.

Due to its rich composition in amino acids, minerals and vitamins

Natural, Deniplant Natural Remedies offer various possibilities to balance processes that take place in the skin cells and a lymphatic vessels following an infection, triggering the processes self-healing of the body



Neuropolen for stroke and neurological recovery and neuromotory

Nerve regeneration is the ultimate fight in protecting and restoring the body!

Natural nerve cell regenerator

Due to the rich composition of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents amino acids, minerals and natural vitamins, molecules neuroregenerator, the neuropolen product offers various possibilities to balance the processes taking place in the nerve cell and neuromuscular plaques to accelerate regeneration of nerve sutures peripherals by triggering the self - healing processes of body.

Being a food is not a medical certificate, but its components have proven curative qualities scientific.

Neuropolen is recommended in:

Nervous system health:

1. Recovery after vascular accidents cerebral (stroke)

2. Recovery neurological and neuromuscular diseases.



The body has the self-healing ability if you know how to trigger it those necessary reactions. 

Our mission is to determine and support people for restoring health and increasing the quality of their lives through use natural remedies to trigger processes self-healing of the body.

Customers who consume Deniplant® natural remedies are the ones who want to be healthy all the time through prevention and treatment.




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Deniplant - on the internet 

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