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Natural remedies Deniplant

Natural remedies Deniplant® 
Motto: "Let food be your medicine and medicine to be your food" Hippocrate

 Although the skin is our biggest organ, it should not be looked at just as a body "covering" that defends us from the wind, water, it fulfills many vital functions, closely related to the whole organism, it must be seen as a very important living organ which protects the body. Theskin being in constant contact with the environment is exposed degradation, aggression. Therefore, its health must be for each of us a daily concern. It is necessary to have information and minimum knowledge about the main problems of the skin to provide the doctor dermatologist and pharmacists, as much information about the affection gained, and once established collaboration with them and their results will see immediately. In the third millennium to maintain and heal the skin it is necessary to we remove dermatological paradigms that study the skin as an organ separate and only to be treated and healed only by dermatologists. For this reason, it is not enough to solve some affections skin to act only to treat the skin externally, but it is necessary by influencing the metabolic processes of the whole body to increase immunity that stimulates recovery processes self-healing of the body. Cellular metabolism is characterized by two fundamental processes: of synthesis and degradation. Any imbalance that occurs between these will result in metabolic disorders that will manifest through various skin changes. So we can say when the internal imbalance is corrected, the skin conditions can heal itself. Removing metabolic disorders may be the solution for maintenance healthy skin over a period of time, and it can be done with the help of vitamins and minerals that we find in our natural state in certain remedies in nature. Due to its rich composition in amino acids, minerals and vitamins natural, the Deniplant natural remedies offer various possibilities to balance processes that take place in the skin cells and a lymphatic vessels following an infection, triggering the processes self-healing of the body. As askin care company, we help our clients learn how to prevent skin diseases, how to protect and treat skin with natural remedies, without ointments or other medications without food restrictions

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