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Natural remedies Deniplant

Hello, my name is Gheorghe  Giurgiu,  I'm  an  inventor  from  Romania,  with  inventions  and innovations in many fields,  and  the  producer  of  "Deniplant",  a  natural  remedy  wich addresses autoimmune diseases,  metabolic  and  neurological  diseases. 30 years ago I was ill with  Psoriasis,  and  to  cure  myself,  I  invented  a  treatment  based  on medicinal herbs. After obtaining a patent for  the  recipe  in  1994,  I  cultivated  medicinal  herbs  on  a  surface  of  5k square meters and after harvest,  I've  created  the  tea  brand  "Deniplant",  a  nutritional supplement for skin related  diseases. In 2005, after registering  the  trademark  at  OSIM  Romania  (The  State  Office  for  patents  and trademarks), I've sold the  products  in  pharmacies,  specialty  shops  and  treatment  centers from "Calimanesti", "Sovata"  and  "Herculane"  in  collaboration  with  the  local  medics. After creating the site,  a  forum  and  a  blog,  having  orders  coming  from other countries, I registered  the  trademark  at  OHIM  (Office  for  Harmonization  in  the  Internal Market) as community trademark. 3 years ago I had a german  shepherd  with  his  rear  legs  paralyzed,  and  for  treating  him  I created "Polenoplasmin",  a  combination  of  beer  yeast,  carob  powder  and  pollen. For 10 years I've created  other  natural  cures  based  on  herbs  and  edibles,  for  human  and animal use. The money obtained until  now  and  from  future  fundings  will  be  invested  in  a  research  and application center for natural  cures  from  herbs  and  eatables,  as  an  alternative  to  allopathic medicine. Remember, natural remedies  from  herbs  and  foodstuff  will  be  the  medicine  of  the  future  and your health depends on you  we're  here  only  to  help  yo.

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