miercuri, 22 februarie 2017

I'm from Romania. I also have psoriasis disease.

Hi. I'm from Romania. I also have psoriasis disease. I'm 25 years old now, and have it since 12. I've tried almost every medicine found at the pharmacy. None of them worked: the wounds disappears for 2-3 days, and reappears with more intensity... But in December 06 I've found on the web a possible treatment: deniplant tea. The inventor himself says that he had psoriasis and he cured using that plants combinations; for over 20 years he hadn't had any problems at all. I'm using this tea since 23 December 06 and now i can say that it seems to work. I'm not saying to buy this tea, I'm just beg you to read the information from the site; it's not my site; i have nothing to do with it; I'm just in the same situation like you, and I'm trying to help the others. You can read more here:http://www.deniplant.ro/en/index.htm . If you like you can contact me on the yahoo messanger. Here is my ID: dannyval20 and we can talk more about this.

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