vineri, 24 ianuarie 2014

i suffering from psoriasis

 dear sir good day
i suffering from psoriasis
let me know the contents of deniplant
is this a tea herb?
what other additional item shall i need to restore the problem
are you suffering from psorias and having got the deniplant you have fixed the problem ?
what is the cost ?
what do you suggest me?
i am underr homeotherapy medical prescription now and your comments will be highly appreciated
i am living in athens of greece
i shall be waiting for your news

Deniplant is a powder more common herbs.
Medicinal plants are not toxic and have no side effects or adverse reactions.
From this powder plant is tea (750ml) with lemon and honey tea should be drunk daily for several months.
Without diet or other restrictions, without ointments or other medications.
I have suffered from psoriasis 7 years after I drank this tea 2.5 years I have healed.
In Romania there are many patients cured
Plants for 30 days cost 35 euro and 15 euro shipping charges in greece (= 50 Euro)
If you are interested in our product we will determine later how it works

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