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I have had a moderate case of psoriasis caused by damage to my skin

I have had a moderate case of psoriasis caused by damage to my skin while cleaning up a flood in my bathroom caused by a mentally disabled person who lives upstairs from me.  There were two floods.  The first time my dog ended up with serious skin infection probably caused by contaminated water.  I seemed to have no ill effects.  The second flood, my dog aspirated water into his lungs and sustained damage.  He was 13 years old with fibrosis of the lungs, and I sadly had to put him to sleep because he was suffering so.  While I was cleaning up the second flood, I damaged my skin and not too long after, I started breaking out with psoriasis lesions on several parts of my body.

I have had this condition for one year now--have been searching for a solution.  I came across a post on U-tube regarding your product.  I searched your website, but cannot understand how to purchase your product, or how much it costs in US currency.
Can you please help me. Since you are in Romania (my Grandmother was from a small village in Romania, but had to run from the Nazis.) I suspect email is the best way to contact me.  Thank you very much.

Yes, we can send plants in  USA
We send money via Western Union and when we receive will dispatch the plants, package and method of preparation and administration

Address where to send money is:

After you send money, send us an email with the following information:
Name and surname of the person who sent the money
amount sent
what country
code raising money
address where we send plants

Plants for 30 days costs 50$+20$ postage=70$

Gheorghe Giurgiu
thank you for the information and responding to my inquiry so quickly.  At this time I am unable to afford your fees.  As soon as I am able I will contact you.  Many Blessings,  Rhonda

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