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I am interested in your product Deniplant

I am interested in your product Deniplant. Please let me know your answer as following. I am consider becomming your distributor on exclusive teritory base if your product has really good therapeutical effect again psoriasis;
Do you hold valid registration in Romania or other EU country as food supplement?
What is nett price per parcel? 

please let me know to discuss in details


Deniplant plants for 30 days of treatment costs 35 euro 15 euro postage

85% of those who used this product for psoriasis had positive results,
without ointments or other medicines, free diet.

Were sick who have used this product 4-6 months, but there were also
others who used Deniplant for over 2 years.

Deniplant is a registered trademark in Romania and is approved for
marketing as a dietary supplement
It is also the one EU trademark

Tell me who you are and what country you want to be a distributor?

Gheorghe Giurgiu

I am interested in getting territory exclusivity agreement for Poland. If I get it I am able to invest money in promoting these product via internet and knowlegde newspapers.
Main problem is registration in Poland, if you hold valid registration in Romania ( Ministry of health or Ministry of Agriculture and Development ) it is easier then to get registration under EU law,


Like I said before, Deniplant marketing authorization is in Romania.
Legislation in Poland and I do not know what are the conditions for
the placing on the market a herbal tea.

To be the sole distributor in Poland should be able to fulfill certain
Considering that in Poland there are approximately one million
patients with psoriasis will have to be able to provide treatment for
at least 1% per month.
This means if you buy at least 10,000 doses per month.
If you do so we can discuss the other details


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