sâmbătă, 26 mai 2012

My cousin suffer from Psoriasis

Dear Sir, My cousin suffer from Psoriasis, she is 16 years old, a friend from romania referred me to you. How can I get your tea? and how much is it in ZAR(South african Rands) or USD? and how can we transfer the money? Regards S........ C......... Hello, Deniplant plants for 30 days costs 15 euros 35 euros + postage. Total 50 euro You can send money through Western Union When plants receive dispatch money Romanian Post Send the address where money is Gheorghe Giurgiu city VOLUNTARI JUDET Ilfov County ROMANIA tel 0744827881 After you send money to write us email Who sent the money amount sent Which country Code of raising money and address where sends the plants Sincerely Gheorghe Giurgiu

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