miercuri, 15 iunie 2022

Video eseu

We all have a story to tell and we need to be listened
to, each of us is unique and memorable and can provide a
life lesson to learn from.
Each of us can become a storyteller, you just need
courage courage and confidence confidence in what you have to say.
Due to the digitalization of film journalism, the
format of video essays is becoming more and more common,
as an audiovisual version in which the subject presents a
part of his biography or his achievements and thus can be
more accessible to recipients without necessarily being
simplified as a speech.

At the same time, the video essay is a promising
starting point - a contemporary one, specific to the "new
media" era, without being fundamentally innovative as an
audiovisual practice - that can guide us to a better
understanding understanding of the role of moving images. in shaping shaping
our thinking.

Video essays being a form that is now developing,
that enjoys a good reception from a wide audience of
cinephiles and that encourages professional and amateur
critics to join the ranks of those who make them, we
consider it an optimal time for to promote themo

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