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Our motto is Eat, drink and heal, if you know what, how and how

 I found out about your research on the internet.

 My name is Gheorghe Giurgiu, I am from Romania and I want to present you some aspects related to my activity and that of Prof. Dr. Manole Cojocaru, medical school at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest.

 Over 30 years ago I was suffering from psoriasis and to cure myself I discovered a combination of herbs and fruit tree buds that proved to be immunomodulators of the immune system and the intestinal and skin microbiome.

 Thus without ointments or other medicines the skin can heal itself only with the help of a tea.  (Deniplant)

 Since then and until now, there are thousands of patients who have healed.

 With the help of pollen from these plants, combined with other food ingredients, we created a nutraceutical (polenoplasmin) that has been shown to be effective in treating paralysis in dogs.

 Thus, a dog with a broken and paralyzed spine has completely recovered after 4 months of treatment and has been living normally for over 6 years.

 Another dog with a spinal cord that was paralyzed and paralyzed with its hind legs completely healed.

 I also watched dozens of dogs paralyzed for unknown reasons that healed with the same natural remedy.

 In humans, we have seen improvements in post-stroke recovery or semi-paralysis (Neuropolen). Neuropolen also contains cocoa powder

 Following these observations, I believe that certain foods or food ingredients may intervene in the microbiome and influence the intestinal axis of the brain or other mechanisms of self-healing of nerve tissue.

Our motto is Eat, drink and heal, if you know what, how and how

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 Gheorghe Giurgiu
Research director
Center for Biomedicine Deniplant Aide Sante

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