marți, 11 august 2020

I ran into Natural modulation of the activity of the microbiome to stop the disaster produced by COVID-19

When doctors tell you there's no chance to cure you, don't believe them. Never give up hope of healing

Inspiration: Although the human microbiome has been studied for over 10 years, until now, researchers have not discovered a natural product that modulates its activity to stop autoimmune disorders caused by microbiome dysbiosis. With the help of the EGO device for measuring exhaled air, healthy people can find out when they are infected with the Covid-19 virus. The use of the viral neuroimmunomodulator we propose can help people who are infected with the Covid -19 virus to stop developing serious diseases of the lungs, kidneys, or brain, conditions that can lead to death, and with the AlterEGO mobile application you can monitor the parameters that influences the microbiome, namely, nutrition, drugs and sports activities.

What it does : We want to prove the validity of the hypothesis that COVID-19 virus affects not only human cells but also interacts with the human microbiome that it uses as a vehicle for transporting genetic information that causes respiratory, neuronal and intestinal disorders.

How I built it : We have the formula of a product that we have called natural viral neuroimmunomodulator. Use two capsules a day.

Challenges : I ran into Natural modulation of the activity of the microbiome to stop the disaster produced by COVID-19

Accomplishments that : I'm proud of Natural Remedies Deniplant for autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders. Deniplant tea for psoriasis disease, Polenoplasmin for paralysis in dogs, Neuropolen for stroke recovery.

What I learned : covid virus -19 after entering the human body interacts with the human microbiome, triggering that storm of cytokines in the body, as a result of which the immune system is blocked or responds incorrectly.

What's next for Deniplant : Following the experiences gained from this project, I will develop a device that measures certain components of the exhaled air in the nose, mouth, or lungs. these components will be processed by the device and will result in information about dysbiosis of the microbiome in the lungs, or brain.

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