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At the Deniplant-Aide Sante Biomedicine Center in Bucharest Romania, the medicine of the future is performed.

At the Deniplant-Aide Sante Biomedicine Center in Bucharest Romania, the medicine of the future is performed.  We discover the causes of diseases that are related to the gut microbiome and with the help of medicinal plants, berries and fruit tree buds we remove dysbiosis of the intestinal microbiome and autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis heal.  without ointments or other medicines, without diet.

As a result of my own experience, during which for 7 years I was ill with 
psoriasis, I learned how traumatic this disease can be and what psycho-emotional implications it can have.
Although we did repeated treatments in the Central Military Hospital, at 
first all the lesions disappeared, but as the disease was chronic and the lesions were on larger areas on the body, even after long-term treatments, the injuries did not disappear completely.
The fact that the doctors told me that this disease is incurable, made me look for solutions in herbal medicine and gemotherapy.

After two and a half years of searching and testing on the body, the 
medicinal plants and buds of the fruit trees have proved to be the only effective remedy in my case against the internal causes that trigger and sustain this disease.
After obtaining a patent for a process for obtaining a herbal extract for the treatment of psoriasis, we founded the Speranța Medical Foundation with the aim of supporting the activities of those who know the mysteries of nature in the field of medicine and their application for human benefit.
Thus, with the help of scientifically used medicinal plants, the foundation has shown that certain so-called incurable diseases (for allopathic medicine) can be ameliorated or even cured. The cases of cases solved in Romania, and dozens of cases abroad, as well as obtaining the gold medal at the '97 technical news salon, have proved this.

In 2005 the natural remedies discovered by me receive a name: Deniplant -Deniplant brand with the slogan "Health above all" is registered at OSIM-Romania. Four years later the Deniplant trademark becomes a Community trademark and the current EUIPO (Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property) is registered at OHIM.

The use of the natural remedies Deniplant by the patients attending recovery sessions based on the treatment from Sovata, emphasized that by intervening on the skin with water and mud from Lake Ursu, the cure of the disease was much faster.
Seeing these results, we began the study to find an explanation of the 
phenomena that occur within the body and which lead to the healing of these conditions.

Following for one year the courses organized by Prof. Dr. Manole Cojocaru (13) in which the human microbiome was presented, I came to the conclusion that these natural remedies discovered by me act on the human microbiota that influence autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders.

The use of water and sludge from Sovata, salt water from Călimănești-
Căciulata or mud from Techirghiol, allowed the modulation of the skin 
microbiome to trigger the reactions needed to heal the skin.
However, following the patients who used Deniplant tea in parallel with the aforementioned procedures, we concluded that only modulation of the skin microbiome cannot definitively solve the problem of psoriasis, if it does not intervene on the gut microbiome.
The intestinal microbiome triggers the modulation of the skin microbiome and if it is influenced from the outside, the results can be amplified (14).
This is also deduced from the fact that in psoriasis when intervening with ointments or other medicines for external use, the skin microbiome is affected, but in the long term the changes at that level can negatively affect the intestinal microbiome and hence those reactions of rebaund and generalization of the disease.
That is why I think we are facing a new discovery, namely a natural modulator of the human microbiome.
This year, in collaboration with the Aide-Sante Clinic, we set up a 
Biomedicine Center where we are trying to highlight with medical analysis and evidence this possibility of natural modulation of the human microbiome with the 
help of food.

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